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Astrology Online

Astrology Weekly by Vivian Weaver

Tarot Decks by Pilgrims is an information and resources website dedicated to the Tarot and its related subjects.

Taroist An original audio, story-like description of the Tarot. Reflecting the archetypes, elements & astrological origins of the cards.

Affirmations - daily affirmations for self-empowerment, free newsletter.

Astrology Shop On-Line which deals with the London shop and various top astrologers including Liz Greene and Rob Hand.

EquinoxAstrology is home to the Equinox charts written by Robert Currey (who is the astrologer who runs the company) and Moon Calendar.

AstroCartography is a unique technique of locational astrology

Astrology by Star*Charts - Astrology information, charts and interpretations for greater insight into romance, family and enriching your life. Free horoscopes with each report.

AstroSoft Resource Center Collection of links to astrology software sites with short description. Tables with prices and downloading information. Astrology and astronomy news headlines.

The Infinite Journey extremely accurate and insightful tarot and numerology readings to provide you with guidance along your chosen path

Zodiac Art Artistic Astrological Charts, cards and birth announcements. Choose from 25 beautiful designs to celebrate the moment of your birth-charts come laminated with an extensive chart interpretation. Much more-come visit!

Astrology, Birth Charts, Horoscopes. Astrologer Richard Hills (London UK) offers in-depth astrology horoscope consultations for individuals, couples and parents for children, in person or by telephone. Let your birth chart guide you.

Master Tarot: computer programs for Divination by Tarot Russian Tarot Software for amateur and professional users.

Psychic Party Network - Tarot cards to help you get in touch with your own intuition, dream journals, and complete word-for-word party kits for hosting your own private psychic party - network with like-minded friends and make a small profit with astrology readings at your party.

Astrowork Free horoscopes - your birth chart or this year's Solar Return chart, and a new special/freebie for you every month!

Lotus Tarot Free Readings: Alison Day's site offers free online tarot card readings, card meanings, a learn tarot course and a discussion forum

Learning to Spread and Interpret the Tarot Vincente, Master of the Tarot, teaches you how to spread and interpret the Tarot using the principal divinations.

Metastudies University Home study courses in Astrology, Tarot, Handwriting Analysis, Candle Magick, and more. Astrology charting services also available.

Psychic Marie! Very accurate psychic tarot readings on any problem, especially on love and career.

Psychic Medium Readings by Marie! Psychic medium reading by Marie through her very loving spirit guides.

Tarot Readings by Marie! Tarot readings by Marie, specializing in readings on love and career.

Astrology-Search for a comprehensive listing of Astrology websites on the internet.

Life Cycles Destiny 3.2 Years Life Cycles in Time Integration and Synchronicity Coincidences Using birthdays and the Life Cycles Matrix System for insight in your consciousness, course of life, relationship, child raising, job, career, business, study and destiny.

Astro Awareness Monthly and yearly horocopes, daily transits, moon phases, crystals, tarot, dreams, on line store and a whole lot more.

Midnight Sun Personal taped readings by a Canadian astrologer. Insightful interpretations and forecasts, Matrix astrology reports, secure online purchasing and FREE chart offer.

Enchanted Spirit Astrology, Tarot and New Age Instruction. Offering you information and tools for personal growth,nourishing the mind, body, and spirit, and opening paths of exploration to help you become the best you can be.

Karmic Kat's Metaphysical Page An eclectic mix of metaphysical resources for personal growth - astrology, tarot, reiki, healing on all levels, readings, and a unique look at the current Moon phases -- and how they affect us both personally and nationally.

Celestial Tidings Astrology We provide a full range of astrological information and resources, both entertaining and instructive. Also available are natal chart interpretations, progressed charts, compatibility reports, transits, and reports designed for children.

The Sun Also Rises Reiki, Reflexology, Astrology, Numerology, and Personal Prose.

Dr. Kioni, Spiritual Practitoner, Advisor, Seer, Intuitive Tarot Reader, PsychicRx Spiritual insights and metaphysical assistance for life decisions, emotional healing, relationships, love, romance, money, financial directions, career and spiritual awakening, plus hoodoo and conjure work.

Starry-eyed List of top sites for psychics

Ars Circuli - The Magic of Mandalas Information about magic and mandalas: You will learn more about the magic of mandalas, find mandalas for meditation and read about secrets of magic and the usage of the magic of mandalas.

PsyTarot Lady White Lilly performs honest, affordable tarot card readings. We charge by the reading and not by the minute to save you money!

Yogatech The New Millennium Being - astrology from a spiritual perspective - is published around 20 times per annum. Each month we carry an analysis of the current astrological sign, and provide a suitable meditation to help tap the powers of that sign. The easy style of author Gururattan K. Khalsa Ph.D. makes it suitable for folk at all levels, astrologers and non-astrologers alike. Full details, subscription instructions and sample copies available from our Web site.

Astrology @ Planet Zodiac: The Lost Horoscope X-Files Zodiac aphesis astrology software and free birth chart analysis tips based on the lost horoscope x-files from greek, medieval and renaissance sources.

Aeclectic Tarot Dedicated to the diversity and beauty of tarot art, with sample cards and reviews of more than 200 Tarot and divination decks. Also included are non-commercial, unpublished and rare decks, plus tarot faqs and forums.

Top 100 Horoscope, Astrology and Occult Related Websites Directory of special places

www.ashleypsychic.com Personal psychic reader and tarot card readings

Clairvoyant Tarot Readings By Jules Exceptionally accurate Tarot readings by a gifted, compassionate psychic with over twenty years experience. Also offers interesting and informative Tarot card descriptions, and inspirational messages.

Psychic Searcg.net

Clairvoyant Psychic Ailene Light "Accurate Psychic Readings by Ailene Light. Testimonials in guestbook speak for themselves."

Astrological Chart OnlineDrawing charts online, free offer to webmasters. No need to buy expensive astrology software to build a horoscope.

5 Star Psychic Advice Chat Free Before You Buy To R Psychics The psychic astrology advice you need to get answers today.Live Psychic Chat╩ & Live Psychic Phone advice.Tarot,medium,clairvoyant,numerology readings.

Planet Reports

TarotSpinMadame Suzanne offers a free three tarot card reading, for answering a question. Also full reading by e-mail.

Astrology Reading

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The New Age Directory 6 years on the internet-100's of links to astrologer, psychics, readers, and lots, lots more!

One Spirit Project: Facilitating personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. Together we can make a difference!

Ventana-Window of Heaven Catalog Visit a sanctuary of conscious-living gifts and products that illuminate the mind, heal the body and touch the spirit.

LightShadows Accurate soul readings, free metaphysical teachings, self empowerment techniques/articles, animal totems, readers question-answer forum, earth change updgate and all things esoteric. Dedicated to empowering mankind.

Awakening Path When was the last time you felt as free and innocent as a child? Deep within you is the source of all perfection, and you can touch that source once again. At last, you can realize the incredible nature of who you really are...

Balsamic Moon Jewelry, magical gifts and more, for the spiritually and magically-minded. FREE tarot reading, layouts and much more. "Wear your magic!"

Moonlight Mysteries Beautiful pagan, wiccan, and celtic jewelry and supplies.╩ Find everything from pentacles and talismans to cloaks and herbs.

Shirley Knapp Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer, Author. Spiritual healing through books, tapes, classes, consultations, energy work.

Wild Wisdom Explore our collection of gifts and products inspired by natural and ageless wisdom. Feed your spirit, soothe your body, and expand your mind.

Inspiration 2 Go Our series of motivation articles, e-books, newsletter and personal counseling will empower and motivate you to create an abundance of joy, freedom and inspiration in your daily life.

Psychics and Mediums Network The place where mediums and psychics meet to chat and train. Home pages of the UK mediums Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker. The site has a massive paranormal resource with lots of real life stories and one of the busiest free Psychic Chatrooms on the web.

Conscious Vacations Conscious Vacations: Take the Inner Journey. Discover your own inner joy and beauty. A Conscious Vacation gives you a magnificent opportunity to further your own growth -- not only by absorbing yourself in places of recognized natural power -- but also by giving you powerful tools for inner exploration.

Aspire Now Helping people discover their purpose and realize more abundance in career, lifestyle, and relationships.

Your Daily Affirmation Daily affirmations for self-empowerment, free newsletter.

Awake the Witch Psychics and readings

Diane Brandon, Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor, Personal Facilitator, Speaker, and Writer Author of Invisible Blueprints: Insights of an Energy Reader Diane Brandon offers Intuitive and Spiritual Counseling, focusing on Personal and Spiritual Growth, as well as the Deeper Meaning of Events. Private Consultations Available, including by Phone. Relationship, Career, and Life Path Issues, as well as Children and Passed-On Loved Ones. Workshops and Presentations. Contains Text of Published Articles.

Inward Bound Learn acceptance, direction, clarity and focus: How to experience and sustain them, both in meditative endeavors and in your daily interactions.

Spells by Madame Witchcraft and Voodoo Spells for Love, Money and Luck - Madame performs love, money and luck spells, online psychic tarot readings and astrological predictions. Voodoo dolls, love potions and free horoscopes available. Listen to recordings of how to cast your own love or money spell.

Buckholdt Associates Self Esteem Advisory Service: Everything you ever wanted to know about building self esteem in children, adults and yourself - All in one place. Come and visit us. Free articles, Q+A service and more...

Angels' Play - A Special Place in the Universe! Wearing the "New Face" in Metaphysics. Where we hold fast to and have deep respect for the intended basics of an amazing way of life. Allow us to introduce you to "REAL Metaphysics". In a way you never thought possible, A way in which you are in control. You will be amazed at what we have to offer. Pull up a cloud and enjoy the view.

Spiritual Response Therapy An ancient form of healing which operates at the soul-level. By accessing the akashic record and identifying discordant energies the soul can be relieved of past-life limiting factors and experience release in our present-life.

Enlightenment Serving the spiritual and economic needs of individuals and organizations by building a living community of transformation and interaction.

Claudia's Lightworker Supplies Claudia's Lightworker Supplies - Secure online shopping for the most beautiful metaphysical jewelry on the market today - Goddess, Egyptian, Totems, Pentacles, Celtic, Gothic, Rings, Books of Shadows on CD, Psychic Protection eSeminar, and much more.

Global Vision Specializing in Sacred Geometry, Ancient Knowledge, Alternative Earth History, Alternative Healing, Tantra, Personal Growth, Permaculture and more. Plus hard to get and suppressed information on UFO's, Alien Contact, Abductions, Crop Circles and government Cover Up's etc.

Pilgrims Mind Body Spirit Superstore Books, audios, incense, tarot decks, healing crystals, etc., plus news, reviews, free Message Board and New Age directory

Creative Living A personal program designed to help you achieve your goals, remove negative thinking and create the things you want in life.

SinglesStop.com A Singles Community & Specialty Search Engine

Sacred Spiral Home of original Pagan patterns, craft ideas, and PDF colouring books.

Spiritual Endeavors Multi-award winning site with abundant FREE╩ Spiritual, Holistic, & Environmental information. Well organized and filled with many exciting Pavilions.

Comp-U-Garg Gargoyle & Dragon Statues A great Site for Gargoyle and Dragon fans.╩ System lockups, nasty viruses, crashing hard drives, pesky hardware and software glitches, overbearing bosses, obnoxious co-workers!.... These worries are a thing of the past with a Comp-U-GargĘ protecting you!

Astral Hearts Metaphysical Personals and Classifieds for Like-minded People

Scientology Official Home Page Scientology: Offering spiritual help for anxiety, stress, depression, drug problems,learn about the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard and Dianetics.

A Spiritual Oasis of FREE Inspirational Resources FREE Spiritual Resources For Your Inspiration Including Gifts, Articles, Meditations, e-Books, e-Zines, & More.

HoroscopeMatch International Dating Service Description You've found your match, but will it last? Check your free astrology compatibility with HoroscopeMatch.com. Still searching? Use Western and Chinese astrology to find your ideal match.

Patty Sabol, Esq. -- Certified Handwriting Analyst Get to know yourself better by having your handwriting examined! Receive valuable insights into your personality from a certified handwriting analyst/Harvard Law School graduate.

Pagan Crafts Store We have Mojo Bags, Candle Magic, Bewitched Soap and so much more. If you have a problem, magic can fix it for you. We also have totally original outsider art, products for your home and altar. You are welcome to visit at any time. Blessings Pentaclegoddess

Talks to angelsPsychic, clairvoyant, mediumship, tarot and rune telephone and email readings, dream interpretation, FREE dream dictionary, online psychic development classes all available at http://www.talks2angels.com



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Amber's Crystal Healing and Alternative Health Crystal healing;alternative health:pages about crystal healing,energizing by crystal healing,usage of crystal healing in alternative health,alternative health;chakren,methods of alternative health

Hypnosis Tapes-and-CDs Includes the HPP series for anxiety, depression, phobias, confidence, self-esteem, creativity, pain control, weight loss, sales mastery, wealth and prosperity. Get your self hypnosis tapes here.

Get Vitamin Get Healthy Your Wellness is Our Priority. We have best herbs, vitamins, food supplements, beauty care products and other embarrassment drugs

Hillside Herbal Products Herbal ointments, massage oils and natural remedies, as well as aromatherapy essential oils, perfume and skincare products.

Healing Natural Oils Guaranteed natural essential oils treatment to rid herpes, warts, candida and hemorrhoids forever

Discover Health and Wealth - Alternatives for Personal and Financial Prosperity Protect your health with simple, safe and effective holistic alternatives. Herbal Products for inner cleansing, non-toxic skin care, PMS-Menopause relief, organic nutrition supplements, stress management. Business opportunity and wealth management resources.

Kat's Herbs Purchase Herbalife products or find out how to be a Herbalife distributor.

Health Shaman Delicious, Cranberry-flavored, 100% whole-food (plant-based) Seasilver˙ contains every Vitamin, Macro Mineral, Trace Mineral, Amino Acid and Enzyme known to man in nature's perfect balance.

Years To Your Health We have been providing fresh, high quality herbs, vitamins, extracts, essential oils, and teas to the Dallas, Fort Worth (DFW) area for over 17 years.

Etherium Gold An unusual new age product which can profoundly assist in an individual's spiritual growth and healing.

Radar3 Cell phone radiation is linked to cancer - Click here for a free electromagnetic radiation exposure test

Body, Mind & SoulHealer An Alternative Approach To Health. An integrated approach to wholistic health, by combining medical intuition, clairvoyant readings, biochemical analysis, nutritional & spiritual counseling and vibrational healing to assist in personal growth and multidimensional healing.

tribeazure.com Tribe Azure Jewelry and Art Innovative Native American Jewelry by Ron Henry, Navajo Designer and Contemporary Art by Various Artists.

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