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Plan now for Solstice, Hanukah, Kwaanza, Christmas, and New Year's

TarotCycles is offering a pre-holiday special for gifts. If you are interested in a 33% discount ($10 a reading instead of $15), order now. This is an inexpensive and unique gift idea for lovers, friends, family, work colleagues or even those who might not be used to looking at their intuitive selves.

If you want to give tarotcycles as gifts, do the following:

  • Initiate a new email to tamar@tarotcycles.com
  • Include the name, address (email or snail mail), and birthdate (m/d/y) for each recipient. Be sure to indicate which holiday the gift is for. The recipient will be sent the tarotcycle that begins closest to that holiday.
  • Please state whether the reading is to be delivered to you or directly to the recipient. If it is to come to you for gift wrapping via snail mail, be sure to include your surface mailing address.

Or if you prefer an email for forwarding, please include your email address. All readings will include an enclosure explaining what a tarotcycle is, and a note saying it is a gift from you (unless you wish to remain anonymous).

  • If you prefer to use an order form, go to the services page. Fill out a separate form for each reading you are giving as a gift. Then fax it to 1-800-367-3360.
  • Send payment to TarotCycles, PO Box 1052, Eugene, OR 97440. Sorry, no credit cards; checks only to take advantage of this special price.

Requests will be processed in the order payment is received.

Those received by December 10th are guaranteed delivery by December holidays. Orders received later may be for the first 1999 cycle, though a gift enclosure will be sent in December for happy opening during the holidays.

If you have any questions, feel free to email. Wishing you all blessings of the season!

The cycle interpretations have been uncannily accurate, providing me with a tool to make better decisions.
Kathy Wittwer, Accountant
My cycle reading gave me perspective on changes and choices in my life. It helped me see things in a new way.
Patty Peterson, Acupuncturist
Tarotcycles help me know when to push past my limits, when to sit back and regroup, and when to move full steam ahead. Like opening the most valuable fortune cookie!
Karm Hagedorn, Arts Administrator
Cycle after cycle, they are accurate, validating, and motivational.
Gabriel Crohn, Freelance Writer
Knowing my cycles helps hard times get easier and good times get better.
Susan Edwards, Executive Assistant
The readings reflect the positive and negative energies I deal with every day. They help me get perspective on what I am feeling.
Claudia Gray, Gardener
I wouldn't miss having a cycle reading. It's like having my own private road map for life.
Stephen Rose, Teacher

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